Holistic Healing 4 Children

“When I approach a child, he inspires in me
two sentiments, tenderness for what he is,
and respect for what he may become.”
– Louis Pasteur –


- Peter Frank, Teach, Santa Barbara, CA. USA

I highly recommend My Magical Garden to all parents for their children. It has allowed my daughter to communicate her feelings to us in a way we didn’t know possible. It has become her favorite book that must be kept beside her bed! She takes comfort in the book as the description of her choices always seems to be accurate and helps us meet her emotional needs confidently.

- Debbie MT

My daughter absolutely loved your book. She was so excited and enthralled to read through it and choose the various colours; cloaks; gem stones and build her magical garden to suit her mood. The illustrations are beautiful and enchanting too. She avidly listens to the relaxation tape nearly every night before bed and at her suggestion I have laid with her on many occasions making my choices too. Her choices do vary and it’s great to be able to see what they mean. She often suggests that Daddy and her brother have a go too. I have noticed that when situations occur that upset her she does handle them better, calming down a lot quicker than before. We lead such hectic lives nowadays that learning how to relax is a priceless tool to teach children. They and we can only benefit. Beautiful!

- Kate Cargill

I happened upon Terri’s Holistic Healing For Children site while searching the internet for alternative approaches to occupational therapy for sensory-sensitive kids. I immediately felt that intuitive sense that this woman was someone I absolutely had to contact. Her description of the common misunderstanding of sensitive kids really hit home with me, and her and her partners expertise and peacefulness put me at ease. We communicated via email due to our time difference, and I was intrigued at the level of detail she wanted to know regarding our family’s lives. When Terri asked about my daughter, although I’d never even told her I had one, I knew that her clairvoyance and other amazing abilities were very real. My husband and I were particularly fascinated by Terri’s analysis of our son’s drawings. Terri’s gentle yet clear recommendations about how to begin helping our son heal spiritually were fascinating, exciting, and incredibly rewarding as we saw incredible improvements in our son’s disposition and behavior after just a couple of weeks. But the most beautiful part of it all was that the instructions also applied to our entire family, and actually to the whole world! We were opened up to a whole new way of thinking about physical manifestations of inner hurts that need healing. Terri is an incredible light worker doing her part to further humanity’s spiritual ascension. We are honored to have been touched by her.

- Nick and Kim Plancich Temecula, CA, USA

“Terri introduced the Bach flower remedies which Hanna loved to take. She would often remind me when she needed to take them!! She had two courses of remedies which seemed to allow her to open up and speak more. She became very willing to do things especially her homework which had always been a battle for her to finish!

Terri looked at Hanna’s diet which is very balanced. She is sensitive to food colourings and additives so we avoid those. Hanna eats little and often but isn’t a big eater yet! The muscle testing highlighted foods that Hanna ought to eat and those to eliminate.

Terri has introduced Hanna to meditation, the angels and to using crystals. She has started to use this form of relaxation daily, especially to help her go to sleep. The other day she said “mummy, I think I’m psychic!!!” She said she knows what some people are going to say before they say it!

My husband and I have changed the way we treat Hanna. We realise that she is a sensitive child who clearly reflects the dynamics of the family. She wants everyone to be loving to each other and happy!!!!”

- Mrs. Mirabel

“My little boy was having a lot of nightmares and waking up during the night when I took him to Terri to see if there are any negative energy’s around him or how we can help him and improve his quality of sleep. Terri did a cleansing on him, which left him smiling and really happy and then Terri proposed that he takes some Bach remedy Flower drops (a specially mixed potion just for him). He loves that as well.

We made a few sensible changes in his room and also in the house and Armand seems to be a much happier, calmer and relaxed boy.”

- Leonorah Londenhuis

“I have seen vast improvements in both my adopted children since working with Terri. I thought her initial consultation about them was extremely thorough with a large range of questions asked. Apart from the changes in their physical symptoms they have also both become so much happier in spirit which has been lovely to witness!

Terri kept in touch constantly over this period of time – either by visiting, phoning, or texting. It was clear she genuinely cared about the condition of my two boys and took all my feedback seriously. I am so grateful for what Terri has done for my family and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”

- Nicole Shammas

“Terri is a wonderful person and absolutely marvelous energy healer. It was an awakening moment for myself and my two daughters. Fabulous changes have taken place in our lives and now we enjoy being together as a family. Not only that, but there has been a change in my husband too, We changed our vibrations and thus the mellowing down of my him!

My older daughter has now started expressing herself and actually laughing. My younger daughter is surer of herself as her self esteem has been restored.
I am much more calmer and at peace with life. We as a family and as individuals are extremely happy and enjoying life.

Love, light and gratitude.”

- Mona

“I can’t thank you enough for the help and insight that you have given me with my daughter. The time spent with you has helped me to understand her better and deal with her differently. Also knowing that I am not the only parent having such issues with their child has also been reasurring. Today I can talk and communicate with her much better and hope to try and better this too. I always wished to have a close relationship with Raima, wanted her to see me as her friend. But I knew that I wasn’t behaving like one. I was being a very stern mom. I still am to some extent but I have definitely become conscious of my attitude with her and control myself. This whole journey for me has been about bringing changes in myself as a person and not just as Raima’s mom.

Thank you so much Jacqui for everything and all the different and interesting ways that you taught both me and Sarah to get closer to each other and solve her issues.”

- Kiran

“My daughter Rose and I went to Jackie for 6 sessions to work through some sleep and confidence issues my daughter was having.
We began with our gardens and the analysts Jackie did was both detailed and insightful. It was pertinent to our home situation and I felt I could understand Roses emotional state more clearly. We did a coloring exercise at home and again the analysis of the patterns we produced proved beneficial to our situation.

Jackie worked gently with Rose to address her sleep issues using a variety of techniques, the flower cards, the flower essences, reward chart, exploring her fears further through drawing, and her elements… We had a successful run of sleep through nights and Rose is far better at staying in her own bed now and getting herself back to sleep. We did meditations together and also the ear candling which brought us closer to each other. I will continue the meditations at home.

We ended our sessions with another drawing of our gardens which again gave an interesting analysis which showed how much we had moved forward.
Rose is a much more confident child who is better able to express her feelings and is beginning to have some techniques she can use herself.
We really did benefit from our sessions and will definitely continue our therapy work with Jackie in the future. Jackie was professional, caring and understanding during the process. She related well to Rose and was able to build a relationship with her where Rose could be by herself with Jackie to do some of the work and didn’t even need me with her.
As for myself I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions and have learnt so much to help me in my own personal journey.”

- Jane and Rose
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