Holistic Healing 4 Children

“When I approach a child, he inspires in me
two sentiments, tenderness for what he is,
and respect for what he may become.”
– Louis Pasteur –


Adolescence can be a very confusing and difficult time.  There appears to be more stress today than in previous generations for teenagers and stress can trigger depression and mood disorders.

The lifestyle of a teenager has changed considerably.   Peer pressure, exercise, changing hormone levels, developing bodies, awkward tendencies, poor diet, social media, academic performance and a host of other factors can carry many ups and downs for the teenager.

What we offer during our sessions:

• We focus on teaching self-healing and self-control techniques that empower the teenager to develop the emotional skills necessary for a happy and successful life.

• We tap into the power of their imagination and introduce them to visualisations and creative techniques, which allow them to conquer the issues in a very natural, effective and non-invasive way.

• We introduce them to Mindfulness, which helps them to discover their inner strength and is amazingly effective in reducing anxiety, pain and depression by living in the now, with no expectations.

• We look at their diet and how much exercise they take as well as how much time they spend outdoors.

• Life coaching.
Our aim is for the teenager to feel empowered and through our approach and different techniques, we enable them to find the solutions for themselves.

Benefits from our 1/1 sessions:

• Increased self confidence

• Reduced stress/depression/anxiety

• Increased concentration

• Anger and frustration management skills

• Improved Social skills

• More optimistic

• Increase in gratitude

• Reduced procrastination

Holistic Life Coaching

Terri & Jacqui have created a unique Holistic Coaching Approach.
As trained Life Coaches, Jacqui and Terri help clients look inside to find and achieve their true potential.  They empower their clients to live a life that is “awake and authentic and meaningful”. When necessary they will use other tools during their sessions to assist in removing obstacles, helping to heal and transform the client’s inner and outer world. By using a combination of tools during the session it will assist in breaking down the barriers that are holding the client back.
They work in a peaceful, nurturing, supportive environment, where they explore the client’s dreams and true identity and encourage them to become powerful creators of the lives they desire and deserve.
Life Coaching is a designed alliance between coach and client where the coaching relationship continually gives all the power back to you, the client. We believe that you know the answers to every question or challenge you may have in your life, even if those answers appear to be obscured, concealed or hidden inside.
Life coaching helps you discover your life purpose, inspiration, and reason for being. Your first consultation can bring about great transformations with immediate benefits to your sense of empowerment and well-being.
Every day we make choices to do or not do many things. These choices may range from profound to trivial and each one has an effect that makes our lives more fulfilling or less fulfilling, more balanced or less balanced.  Coaching helps you to learn how to make choices that create an effective, balanced and fulfilling life.
We help you to clarify your goals, bring about balance and full awareness in your every day life.

We help with:

•  Confidence, Self Worth & Self Esteem, Self Identity

•  Relationships

•  Career Change

•  Mastering the Balance of Life

•  Self Care

•  Living Your Life Purpose

•  Managing Anger, Upsets, Frustration and Stress in a more balanced way.

•  Managing Grief, Loss, Sadness and Change

•  Connection Parenting



Life Coaching for Teenagers

Parents want their child to have love, health, faith, confidence, wisdom and happiness. When teenagers grow up to have all of these, there is not much else they need.
Happiness and confidence are no doubt the most precious gifts parents want to give their kids. Parents want their teens to be confident and happy with themselves, responsible with their health, have good social skills and strong relationships, be successful and enthusiastic with their schooling and careers and be competent with money.
Unfortunately, without teen coaching (and/or parent coaching), many teens are not happy, nor are their parents. Most parents want to give guidance but their teens just do not know how to accept their advice, support, care and knowledge. To be happy, teenagers need to take charge of their life, grow their confidence, become people-magnets, improve their lifestyle and follow their dreams. Most of them are too scared or too confused to take charge.
Many teenagers are going through so many changes at this time and need that coaching guidance and advice for them to be able to choose for themselves. For them to feel that they are growing into strong adults with their own designed tools to turn into strong confident young people.
Why choose Teen Life Coaching – Because you want you child to be happy, confident, successful and reasonable. Showing you a fast result that has lasting effects.

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