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“When I approach a child, he inspires in me
two sentiments, tenderness for what he is,
and respect for what he may become.”
– Louis Pasteur –


As a book on its own, My Magical Garden helps to identify the emotional needs of a child and offers a fun, easy and non-invasive communication tool.


Would you like a way to support and understand a child’s fears, worries and emotions?

Would you like a stronger connection with your child?

Would you like improved communication and a better understanding of how to help?

Would you like less stress at home or school?

My Magical Garden is the basis of a technique that provides support and relief for children with anxiety, grief and challenging behaviour.

 It works in two ways; firstly, as a book on its own and secondly, as the basis for an Intervention Program and/or Workshop.

Firstly, as a book on its own, it helps to identify the emotional needs of a child and offers a fun, easy and non-invasive communication tool. The book is designed to help children understand and talk about their feelings.  It guides the child through a series of choices allowing them to build a magical garden which empowers them to feel in control and to navigate through challenging situations.

By reading the book together the child feels the unconditional support of a parent, carer or teacher and they will feel empowered to ask for help and make attempts to work through difficult situations.  


Children will want to read this book again and again!


Additionally, the book provides an informative tool for parents or carers by offering them insights on how to help the child emotionally.  Through the use of this book you can teach children that feelings are important and that labelling their feelings can help to make sense of what they’re experiencing. 

Secondly My Magical Garden is a foundation for an Intervention Program, Workshop or Individual Session to be given by a trained practitioner.  During the session, the child is invited to create a safe place through the use of Imagination, Mindfulness and Guided Imagery. The children create an imaginary Magical Garden which provides an emotional safe place and once established they are provided with techniques that will help minimise anxiety, stress, pain or difficult feelings.


To learn more about the workshops for Schools, Hospitals, Caregivers and Families please click the relevant button for your area.

The benefits of My Magical Garden include:

  • Reducing anxiety
  • Increasing resilience
  • A tool to manage emotions and have more calm
  • A way to communicate their feelings
  • Less stress
  • Improving self-esteem and confidence
  • The child feeling supported and listened to 
  • A closer connection with parent/teacher/career

My Magical Garden encourages the child to tap into their imagination by getting them to create their own magical garden, giving them a safe place to go in their mind during times of stress, fear or sadness. It also offers an opportunity to nurture the bond between parent and child. The experience is magical.


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What our customers are saying…

What a beautiful book ! I bought these for my nieces and they both loved the colourful images and the CD that comes with the book that talks them through their journey in their very own Magical Garden … Very easy for children to navigate through and amazing how both my nieces said that they felt very relaxed afterwards (ages 5 and 6). We will be reading this again later after school, at their request !
This book is a real gem! The illustrations are gorgeous colourful drawings and the assessment of you and your child’s choices are spot on. I check in with this book and my current feelings at least once a week. And I do the meditation CD everyday. It’s so relaxing and beautiful and takes less than 15 minutes but the effects last all day. I cannot recommend this book highly enough!
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