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About Us



“Everychild deserves to feel safe and every child deserves to feel worth it”   – Holistic Healing 4 Children 

We are Holistic Educational Therapists for Children, Teenagers and Parents (UK Ofsted approved), Certified Co-Active Life Coaches with CTI and qualified Counselors for Children and Adolescence (ABC UK Diploma).


Over the years we have been moved to address the emotional well being of children and teenagers and our desire and intention is to help integrate mental health and education through our unique and innovative workshops.  The work we do in schools encourages thechildren to use their imagination in order to change their mood and how they feel about themselves.  We teach the teachers and Emotional support workers the techniques and how to use them,following up with ideas as to how they can continue the work and implement it into the school day, either with PSHE or for working individually with children who are presenting emotional issues and/or challenging behavior.


Through our workshops the children are given a voice and this is an invaluable way of raising self esteem and self worth.  Through choice, opinion,feelings and emotions children can develop and learn that they are important and valued and we voice feel this is so important.


We have developed a children’s book called “My Magical Garden,” and “The Mindful Garden Package”, and “My Magical Tree Book”.  All three are being used by schools and parents to help minimise stress and anxiety during the school day.


We have recorded a number of guided visualisations  which have been created to help the school child release their worries and to help them relax and cope better with their often stressful, busy lives. There is also a selection of guided visualisation for Teenagers and Parents, specifically for stress and to rebalance the mind, body and spirit.


We are passionate about helping children, teenagers and the family. We believe that the mind is a very powerful healing instrument and by using guided visualisations it can have a profound effect on healing the emotions and helping to restore the body back to balance and harmony.


We work closely with parents on how to reconnect the family unit during times of stress, busy scheduled lives and any other imbalance, building on parenting skills that are already established.


We work individually with children and teenagers, giving support and encouragement to make any necessary changes in order to help them succeed, liaising closely with the parents and other professionals involved so that the best possible outcome is reached.

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